Sweetie Female Loves everyone young and old So sweet love to be held and gives kisses Still laying eggs Age 14 16 Goes to Everybody very loving Cockatoo She dances and talks So want her to go to a loving home she loves attention Needs a male, as she is still laying eggs Says Pretty Bird, Hello, gives hugs and kisses Love this bird Loves peanut butter crackers www.divapetshop.com
Taylor-Male He is a lot of company and fun to watch Will talk in full sentences Comes with cage Hatched August 2007 Have papers on him Loves raw peanuts, and peanut butter crackers www.divapetshop.com
Scarlet Macaw Squeaker Handfed from early age. From my mating pair in 2009. Loves raw peanuts and people food She is shy does talk but not alot Does not like to be held has been in a cage and needs attention Butterball Hand fed this parrot from an early age. From my mating pair in 2010 Loves to sit on the back of the chair you are sitting in. Loves raw peanuts and most human foods. He tells the...