Mating pair of Scarlet Macaws. Still laying eggs and have had 14 chicks since we acquired them. Do not care to be held. Can hold female if male lets you near her. Love raw peanuts Names: female Mama, male Big Red Will only sell as a pair. They do talk some He is beautiful and very protective of her Needs someone who wants to enjoy them
Blue & Gold Macaw Male - Robert, 16 to 18 years of age. He is so cute and fun to watch He does not like to be held He gives kisses He can talk but does not much Loves peanuts-raw and Peanut Butter Crackers
JJ Came from my mated pair in 2008 and raised in our home. Talks a bit. Loves raw peanuts & and will eat most human foods. She is still laying eggs She is so shy can talk and enjoys being around the other parrots Would love to sell all our parrots to someone that wants a very entertaining hobby They talk to each other
Twinkie Hatched in 2011 from my mated pair. I have hand feed him He has some bad language lol He talks and loves to play with his toys Does not like to be petted Loves raw peanuts and most human foods.
Scarlet Macaw Squeaker Handfed from early age. From my mating pair in 2009. Loves raw peanuts and people food She is shy does talk but not alot Does not like to be held has been in a cage and needs attention Butterball Hand fed this parrot from an early age. From my mating pair in 2010 Loves to sit on the back of the chair you are sitting in. Loves raw peanuts and most human foods. He tells the...